Social Media Marketing

Your Social Media presence helps increase brand awareness, communicates with your customers, builds trust, gives people a reason to believe in your brand, and generates more sales for your online store.

Social Media Marketing is about operating your Social Media pages/handles on the platforms which suit your business. Increase the strength of your community by creating and curating content and then posting it.

What’s included?

  • 100% Guaranty Traffic & Followers

  • Industry & competitors research
  • The expert will provide a Social Media Calendar with the next 2 weeks of posts planned ahead.
  • A plan for your comments and inbox responses
  • Includes 2 media channels
  • Additional charge for additional channel
  • Your WAG Expert will discuss a budget for post-boosting - For best results we usually recommend starting with at least $500/mo

What does WAG do?

Analyzing what worked: WAG experts will run a Social Media audit on your accounts and analyze what worked and what didn't. They will also conduct industry/competitor research. When they've completed these steps they will come up with a social media strategy perfectly designed for your business. They will put together a post boosting plan and suggest a budget for it. They will also plan your comments and inbox responses.

Creating content: Your Expert will create branded text-based content, as well as awesome posts using the visual assets/images you supply.

Managing your accounts: Your Expert is responsible for defining your target audience and making sure your tone/voice are aligned across your brand.

Social Media calendar and response plan: Your Expert will define how your Social Media Presence will respond to different kinds of comments on posts and messages in your inbox. The expert will also provide a Social Media Calendar with the next 2 weeks of posts planned ahead.

Keeping you in the loop: Every month, your Expert will provide you with a detailed performance report from your social media accounts, a list of tasks they've performed, their analysis, and suggestions for improving your strategy


Recommended Platforms:

Instagram, Facebook, Google Business, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Twitter, LinkedIn, Red, and WeChat.